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Lighting Course: Light Bulb

The thought of homework ┬áis usually pretty daunting to me but my homework from Arrow & Apple was fun. I played with different lightbulbs and didn’t get electrocuted! The images on the right were taken with a daylight bulb! It was awesome to see the difference.

(Props to my roommate for posing for the pictures even though she didn’t want to.)

Homework 1 completed

Homework 1 completed

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EnLIGHTen me…

“So you want to be a [photographer] kid? Well whoop dee do!” (Name that reference! 20 points, what is it with me and Disney references lately!?)

Light is quite a hurtle in photography. A hurtle that I cannot conquer alone. I enlisted the help of the folks at Arrow & Apple to help me out and I am excited to get started with their e-course! Check out some of images that inspire me on my Pinterest board. —->Here

Wish me luck!

Arrow and Apple lighting e-course
light and girl who is confused

Am I doing this right? (Thats rhetorical, please don’t answer that. : )))))

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