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Occasionally I talk to strangers.

When you were young did the adults in your life ever talk to you about “Stranger Danger”? I think mine did, but evidently I didn’t pay attention. To this day  I am somewhat entertained with talking to people who I don’t really know. Especially those who look like they don’t want to talk to me.

I found 25 dollars in the middle of the parking lot yesterday outside my apartment. Keeping the money was never an option for me, my integrity is worth much more, so I went on a mad search for the owner.

I decided to knock doors. (Mistake number 1.)

No one was home. Finally I was greeted by an ornery gentleman in his mid 70s. He told me the money wasn’t his but that he would gladly take it. (Now I’m sure if you could have seen my face it would have been the face where I stare at you with that look that says, “Are you serious?”. See figure 1.) I then asked him if it was his again. He glared at me, said no, and  closed the door on me. (Mistake number 2: not knocking on his door again and offering him a hug. Sounded like he had a bad day.)

I then decided if I wanted my neighbors to think I was normal, I probably should stop knocking on their doors asking them to claim some money.  Instead I resolved to taking the money to the front office where I met friendlier strangers.

So the moral of the story. Keep the money.

I’m only kidding. Split the money with the old guy who answered the door and call it good.

me and my friend making faces

Figure 1 my “Are you serious?” face. Taken with the amazing Lisa over earlier this year.