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Breathe out the bad.

This week has been an insanely crazy week. One that has challenged my faith and self confidence. I am trying to keep in mind that when we are gifted with an obstacle in life it can play one of two roles.

1. We can CHOOSE to have it influence us for good by leaning into the hard things and pressing through them and learning every possible morsel of awesomeness that our Heavenly Father has in store for us. (Easier said then done. Ha! Don’t I know it!)

2. We can also CHOOSE to let fear and doubt shield us from what might be the opportunity we’ve been waiting for.

You choose.

I am choosing to breathe in the good.


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Your mother’s type of 30 Day Challenge ; )

Okay so this isn’t your normal 30 day challenge. I’m not asking you to give up cookies, or even exercise for 30 days, although those are good things that I should be doing. I’m asking you to join with me in refining who we are to help us live a fuller life.

I was watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and she had Elizabeth Gilbert on the show.  Gilbert encouraged us to ask these three questions  everyday and to record it so we can see our progress and  live our fullest life.

  1. What makes you really, really, really happy? (today,yesterday, tomorrow whatever comes)
  2. What was your happiest moment today? (I answer this at the end of the day)
  3. Refine your personal mantra.*

*This requires that you be 100% honest with yourself. Your personal mantra is what you are always telling yourself, NOT what you want to tell yourself. So if your always looking in the mirror and saying you need to lose some weight or change your hair, that is part of your mantra! If you’re okay with that mantra then I suppose your fine, but if you don’t like that, change it. I did this and it was eye opening! I’m guilty of thinking negatively of myself and am working on changing that!

So here’s the challenge, answer these questions EVERYDAY for 30 days, and write it down in a journal.

Then lets see what happens! Please share what you discover!


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In focus.

It is said that a picture says a thousand words. This LIFE photo essay moved my soul. I saw it in a museum over a month ago and when I am completely still, my mind wanders to it. We have the capacity to be EXTRAordinary like the woman featured in this photo essay and the man who captured it.

Happiest Monday Wishes.

Lets make this the best week of our lives. ; )

Photo back story: This image was taken by Eugene Smith a photographer for LIFE. Published in 1951, Eugene followed, Maude Callen, a midwife and nurse, on her 16 hour work days. She is comforting an elderly patient of hers who is paralyzed. She was the only nurse for this community and she loved her patients to fullest!

My heart breaks with this photo, and yet I feel overwhelmed with love at the same time. Gosh!!!! Photography can be so amazing!

*Sorry for the small picture size, I will find a better one and upload it soon!

“I just had the best idea for our phila-tropy.”

One thing you should know about me is that I love people who help make the world a better place. Which means I love Cory Booker.  He is the Mayor of Newark, NJ and he is an amazing leader. He recently gave the commencement speech at Stanford University and it was brilliant!

Now I have to admit, I don’t feel like he said anything I haven’t heard before, but I still feel incredibly moved and inspired from his words. What makes him incredible is the fact that he LIVES what he PREACHES. I realize that when someone lives their life in an exemplary manner there is experience and power behind the words that they say.

And lets be serious, everyone enjoys a corny joke sprinkled between a well thought out Stanford speech!

So I now live in the middle of the desert.

sunset with mountain and flower

The deserts charm. I took this wandering like a crazy in the desert.


Change without question has been a common theme in my life. I now welcome it openly, and am learning to embrace it. I now live in Arizona

Miss Frizzle said, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” That fine educator knew what she was talking about.

So here goes.

Just as day changes to night or vice versa, there is always a beautiful result.