My name is Kathleen. I reside in the middle of the Arizonian desert. I am a food loving, try almost anything once, spanish speaking, wanna change the world one day just not quite sure how yet, type of person. I love photography and I believe that it has the ability to capture the essence of  who a person is. I love my family and friends. (Those three words: family, friends, and love are big words to me so thats a weighted sentence.)

Oprah once said, did I mention I am obsessed with her and that is not the first time that those words will open a sentence on this blog, that everyone has a story. This is mine, just a little at a time.

In the end we all share the same core aspirations and heartbreaks. Walk with me, tell me about you. Watch me embarrass myself.

Some of my closest friends and most random happenings.


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