Running to Stand Still

I am partially writing this next statement on this blog for accountability purposes: I’m running again. I had forgotten how much I thoroughly enjoy it. The burning in my lungs and arms, the impact of my feet against the pavement, and the rush after I’ve finished. Right now it actually looks like I’m miserable, hopefully that passes as I train. : )

Here are the Top 5 songs on my running list:

The Fighter                  Gym Class Heroes feat Ryan Tedder

Castle                             B.O.B feat. Trey Songs

Lose Yourself              Eminem

It’s Time                        Imagine Dragons

Maneater                      Nelly Frutado (You weren’t expecting that one, were you? hahah)

There ya go. Happy Running.


2 thoughts on “Running to Stand Still

  1. This is a great post. Very inspirational!!!!

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