In Joy.

enjoy the little things

Anyone want to go swimming? That’s what this picture says to me.

Oh happiest Mondays to all!

Top 5 little things I’m grateful for:

1. When people wave thank you from their car because you let them over on the 10, thus pissing off the driver behind you. (It wasn’t intentional!)

2. People singing aloud walking down the streets by themselves.

3. Covered parking. (I live in Arizona. Nuff said.)

4. The way the little people in my life (children that is) say my name. (Affine, Caffine, Een, Tat…oh they get creative)

5.  Instagram.  It makes all of us look like professional photographers.

What little things are you grateful for?


2 thoughts on “In Joy.

  1. Rachel Curtis says:

    I’m excited you have a blog. yay! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

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