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“I just had the best idea for our phila-tropy.”

One thing you should know about me is that I love people who help make the world a better place. Which means I love Cory Booker.  He is the Mayor of Newark, NJ and he is an amazing leader. He recently gave the commencement speech at Stanford University and it was brilliant!

Now I have to admit, I don’t feel like he said anything I haven’t heard before, but I still feel incredibly moved and inspired from his words. What makes him incredible is the fact that he LIVES what he PREACHES. I realize that when someone lives their life in an exemplary manner there is experience and power behind the words that they say.

And lets be serious, everyone enjoys a corny joke sprinkled between a well thought out Stanford speech!


The Minimalist Memoir

I’ve always been intrigued by Hemingway’s shortest essay. In only 6 words he captured a deep and meaningful story.

If you haven’t read it, it goes like this: “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”

So in walks Oprah. She encouraged the readers of her magazine to come up with their story in 6 words. So I started thinking what would my story sound like:

Shoot! Where’s my phone? Found it!

or something like this:

The perfect man, dang, he’s married.

or maybe this:

Mood swings, cramps, bloating, dangit again.

If you had to describe your life in 6 words what would it be? Click an image below for inspiration:

To read more on these, most of them more inspirational then my own, refer to the following links:



Running to Stand Still

I am partially writing this next statement on this blog for accountability purposes: I’m running again. I had forgotten how much I thoroughly enjoy it. The burning in my lungs and arms, the impact of my feet against the pavement, and the rush after I’ve finished. Right now it actually looks like I’m miserable, hopefully that passes as I train. : )

Here are the Top 5 songs on my running list:

The Fighter                  Gym Class Heroes feat Ryan Tedder

Castle                             B.O.B feat. Trey Songs

Lose Yourself              Eminem

It’s Time                        Imagine Dragons

Maneater                      Nelly Frutado (You weren’t expecting that one, were you? hahah)

There ya go. Happy Running.

Occasionally I talk to strangers.

When you were young did the adults in your life ever talk to you about “Stranger Danger”? I think mine did, but evidently I didn’t pay attention. To this day  I am somewhat entertained with talking to people who I don’t really know. Especially those who look like they don’t want to talk to me.

I found 25 dollars in the middle of the parking lot yesterday outside my apartment. Keeping the money was never an option for me, my integrity is worth much more, so I went on a mad search for the owner.

I decided to knock doors. (Mistake number 1.)

No one was home. Finally I was greeted by an ornery gentleman in his mid 70s. He told me the money wasn’t his but that he would gladly take it. (Now I’m sure if you could have seen my face it would have been the face where I stare at you with that look that says, “Are you serious?”. See figure 1.) I then asked him if it was his again. He glared at me, said no, and  closed the door on me. (Mistake number 2: not knocking on his door again and offering him a hug. Sounded like he had a bad day.)

I then decided if I wanted my neighbors to think I was normal, I probably should stop knocking on their doors asking them to claim some money.  Instead I resolved to taking the money to the front office where I met friendlier strangers.

So the moral of the story. Keep the money.

I’m only kidding. Split the money with the old guy who answered the door and call it good.

me and my friend making faces

Figure 1 my “Are you serious?” face. Taken with the amazing Lisa over earlier this year.


In Joy.

enjoy the little things

Anyone want to go swimming? That’s what this picture says to me.

Oh happiest Mondays to all!

Top 5 little things I’m grateful for:

1. When people wave thank you from their car because you let them over on the 10, thus pissing off the driver behind you. (It wasn’t intentional!)

2. People singing aloud walking down the streets by themselves.

3. Covered parking. (I live in Arizona. Nuff said.)

4. The way the little people in my life (children that is) say my name. (Affine, Caffine, Een, Tat…oh they get creative)

5.  Instagram.  It makes all of us look like professional photographers.

What little things are you grateful for?