Three things about my voice.


A wise photographer once told me (or I read it) that in order to be great you must find your voice. In order to find your voice you must shoot, shoot, shoot. Well here goes.

Three things I have discovered thus far:

  1. I love light.
  2. I love shadows because they are birthed when light and an object meet. (Apply that to life! Huzzah!)
  3. I love candid unposed images. (No cheese here!)

Have a great week! Go forth find your voice!

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Breathe out the bad.

This week has been an insanely crazy week. One that has challenged my faith and self confidence. I am trying to keep in mind that when we are gifted with an obstacle in life it can play one of two roles.

1. We can CHOOSE to have it influence us for good by leaning into the hard things and pressing through them and learning every possible morsel of awesomeness that our Heavenly Father has in store for us. (Easier said then done. Ha! Don’t I know it!)

2. We can also CHOOSE to let fear and doubt shield us from what might be the opportunity we’ve been waiting for.

You choose.

I am choosing to breathe in the good.


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Lighting Course: Light Bulb

The thought of homework  is usually pretty daunting to me but my homework from Arrow & Apple was fun. I played with different lightbulbs and didn’t get electrocuted! The images on the right were taken with a daylight bulb! It was awesome to see the difference.

(Props to my roommate for posing for the pictures even though she didn’t want to.)

Homework 1 completed

Homework 1 completed

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EnLIGHTen me…

“So you want to be a [photographer] kid? Well whoop dee do!” (Name that reference! 20 points, what is it with me and Disney references lately!?)

Light is quite a hurtle in photography. A hurtle that I cannot conquer alone. I enlisted the help of the folks at Arrow & Apple to help me out and I am excited to get started with their e-course! Check out some of images that inspire me on my Pinterest board. —->Here

Wish me luck!

Arrow and Apple lighting e-course
light and girl who is confused

Am I doing this right? (Thats rhetorical, please don’t answer that. : )))))

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10,000 years is such a crick in the neck!!!!!!!

So I haven’t posted for awhile. Shame on me. I know!

First things first!

My 30 day challenge was A-MA-ZING! It was a great way to reflect on what I really thought about myself…which wasn’t much people and it helped me to work towards what really makes me happy. (I’ve been a little bad at keeping it up, but believe me even if you do it once a month, its a great way to track progress and to refocus!)

Below is the photo vomit of my last couple of months. I really need to be better at keeping this up to date.

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